Multitek Power Ltd is a privately owned company that was founded in 1989. Its aim was to be expert in the design and manufacture of products for the power measuring and control industry.

Multitek Power Ltd. manufacture an extensive range of precision power transducers, monitoring relays, digital panel meters, kilowatt hour meters and digital power metering systems.

The company is completely self contained: winds the transformers, moulds the cases, assembles all the printed circuit boards and sub-assemblies and prints all the labels for its products on its own.

All of Multitek Power Ltd products are designed at the factory by its team of design and production engineers, who draw on over 50 years experience in the power measurement and control industry.
Its products are designed to the latest international standards and the ever changing requirements of customers.
All production, calibration and test equipment is traceable to international standards.
The worldwide market is served by exclusive distributors in over 35 countries.