META Elektrik

META Electric Electronic Machine Food and Agr. Industry&Trade Limited Company was founded November 1996. The company, which had 5 employees in the now raised this number to 226, including managers, engineers, technicians, finance and consultant staff. With its wide and experienced staff, it has managed to be one of the best companies in Turkey & Worlwide in the fields of electronic, instrument, automation and machine engineering. Meta Electric owes its success to team work, job security and worker health, ideal usage of time and quality and consequently the making outcoming experience an openness policy in addition to sharing it with partner companies. The biggest support behind this success is vouching the service that is given and the work that is done. 

Competing with the companies in Turkey and Europe, META Electric has made agreements with Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and South Korea. Besides, it successfully completed all the committed projects. META Electric makes close cell switchgear centres, M.V. and L.V. power, distribution and compensation panels, planning and assembling of industrial institutions’ electric systems, illumination, instrument and machine assembling. In addition to this, it enlarges the content of its projects with its engineers, experinced in pneumatics, PCs, PLC, SCADA software and design. Whatever your business and project is, our company is going to serve its customers credibly and rapidly.