The oil and gas industry is accepted as a driving engine of development in most industries. Companies in this industry are known to operate in dynamic and difficult conditions, where they are constantly faced with challenges, especially in terms of supply and demand.

TECHNICSERVICE steps in when it is needed the most, adding a vital ingredient for the successful implementation of the project. As a full capacity industrial supply and engineering company specialized in supply chain management of oil & gas plants and marine industry, facilities & refineries procurement processes we offer wide and comprehensive ranges of products & services to our customers.

Current market trends and likelihood of constant fluctuation in oil prices forces companies in this sector assess supply chain and procurement procedures and look beyond short-term tactics. We in turn tailor our strategies to local conditions and based on the needs of each customer providing best possible services in the shortest available time frame.

Working with key players of industry in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan  and others we have accumulated knowledge and experience about business ethics practiced across the globe, establishing different strategies and procedures for each country we are operating in, without overlooking our fundamental values. This level of adherence to high of business ethics and significant influence to the market have been recognized by leading manufacturers and service providers of their respective fields.

This trusting business relationship were carried to their logical conclusions in a form of bilateral agreements and put us in privileged position to be exclusive partners and official representatives of companies such as Chromalox Inc., Tractel Ltd., Dupont Inc., Hoppecke, 3M, Primary Fluid Systems, Multitek Power Ltd and Meta Electric in the region.

Although much remains to be done, we believe our commitment and experience to bring value to our partners and industry in general.